28 november 2010

My Home #3: Kitchen wall

We moved in to our new home a few months ago. Finally a kitchen that I dreamed of for years. But finding a color for the walls wasn't that easy. We wanted something different. Well, I think we succeeded!!!

I had to take the after photo's this evenening since I forgot to take them during the day. But the color is "Storm" from VT Wonen. And those aren't smotches, but patches on the walls. We only saw them when we put the color on. But I don't mind them. They give the wall something extra.

1 opmerking:

Net als Toen zei

Wat een mooie verf is dat. Het gevlekte geeft er nog een mooier effect aan. Is het nu brons kleurig of toch meer grijs?
Ik wens je een fijne week.
Liefs, Pauline