29 november 2010

Home Cooking #1: My cooking bible

For this first blog about Home Cooking I would like to share my cooking bible with you. It is full of recipes that I have collected (and still are collecting) over the years. Unfortunately I often forget about my little green book when making the shopping list and searching my brain for what we can have for dinner the coming few days.

But this is what it looks like. I will try and share some of the with you, so keep a close eye on this blog.

28 november 2010

My Home #3: Kitchen wall

We moved in to our new home a few months ago. Finally a kitchen that I dreamed of for years. But finding a color for the walls wasn't that easy. We wanted something different. Well, I think we succeeded!!!

I had to take the after photo's this evenening since I forgot to take them during the day. But the color is "Storm" from VT Wonen. And those aren't smotches, but patches on the walls. We only saw them when we put the color on. But I don't mind them. They give the wall something extra.

23 november 2010

MyHome #2: Candles

I just love candles. No matter what kind, they can all come and live with me.
This time of year it's especially wonderful to have candles everywhere in het house.

I saw the idea on Stylizimo

Don't you just love them?

Full Moon

22 november 2010

BIY #1: Xmas decorations

Buy It Yourself

Xmas decorations. From Xenos.
€ 1,99 for 2 lovely old fashioned decorations

21 november 2010

Let's get personal #1: Coffee

I recently got this TEAPOT as a present. Lovely! Absolutely love it!!!


I also love my COFFEE!!!! There's nothing better than a home made ESPRESSO, made from fresh BEANS!!!!

20 november 2010

A new blog is born

Welcome to my blog with what I hope will be inspiration for home decorating. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. If you would like me to publish your tips & tricks, you know what to do.
Enjoy my blog.

With the photo's below I would like to give you a quick look in my home.